Digital triage service

Important changes to our appointment system

From Monday 17th June 2024, Peartree Group Practice will switch to a “digital triage system” where all requests for appointments will be submitted online. This system has been implemented successfully across the country with excellent feedback regarding accessibility, patient choice and continuity. This change will allow the practice to prioritise patients based on their clinical need and will ensure faster care, improved continuity and better outcomes for our patients.

All patients are asked to use the new digital system, but full provision will be made for those unable to do so.

Why is the system changing?

Feedback from our recent patient survey has requested that we look at our appointment booking system, especially telephone waiting times, choice/booking options and continuity with clinicians. We have listened to this feedback and have made the decision to introduce the new contact system. This will eliminate waiting on the telephone for administrative or clinical enquiries, which in turn frees the phone lines for urgent queries, home visit requests and vulnerable patients.

How will the system work?

All patients requesting an appointment must submit an online consultation form from our website or using the NHS App which will then be assessed and prioritised by the clinical team. We aim to respond to every submission by text or phone within 24 hours telling you what will happen next, and we guarantee to respond within 48 hours, excluding weekends. We ask that you provide as much information as possible, including whether this is a new or ongoing issue. If ongoing, it is helpful to include the name of the clinician who has been dealing with the problem to aid continuity of care. If further information or clarification is needed for the triage team, we will contact you.

What about patients who find it hard to use the Internet?

Our friendly reception team will be available to walk you through how to use the system either over the telephone or in person at the front desk. For patients truly unable to use the online system for whatever reason, the reception team will complete the online consultation form on their behalf. This request will then be submitted, assessed and responded to in the same way as described above.

Administrative queries

The online consultation system must also be used for your administration queries such as requesting a sick certificate, test results and any other administrative query you may have.

When is it open?

Online submissions for clinical queries will be available from 7:30am until 5pm Monday to Friday. This will provide enhanced access for all patients and will be fairer for those who undertake school runs or work set hours. If you have an urgent clinical query between 5pm and 6:30pm, please call the practice where the duty doctor will be able to advise on an appropriate course of action. Online submissions for administrative queries will remain open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

We appreciate your cooperation during this change, which will benefit both our valued patients and the practice. We are confident that the new system will ensure better and fairer access for all our patients, allowing us to provide a responsive, safe service for all. We will review the new process in a few months to confirm this.

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